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i cant breathe in cold winter air without fucking up how do people do hard drugs

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Body comparisons. 

this makes me feel alive

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following back tons


following back tons

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if u dont know how to respond to something just say “how dare you”

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Idk why but the day/night after I have a really good time doing something and rediscovering what feeling good is like I just automatically recoil into this numb state everything feels like this really vague badness like dread mixed with that feeling right nefore you throw up but it’s in every cell of my body


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Yo. radiodaze tagged me for this a while ago. Took a minute haha

What was you:

1. last beverage: milk

2. last phone call: hermano

3. last text message: Sarah

4. last song you listened to: 505 - Arctic Monkeys

5. last time you cried: man who knows

Have you ever:

6. dated someone twice: nah

7. been cheated on: nuh-uh

8. kissed someone and regretted it: yaaaaaaa

9. lost someone special: yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

10. been depressed: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

11. been drunk and threw up: na

List my three favourite colours:

12. white

13. black

14. silver

In the last year, have you:

15. made a new friend: yes

16. Fallen out of love: no

17. Laughed until you cried: plenty

18. Met someone who changed you: we’ll see?

19. Found out who your true friends are: already knew

20. found out someone was talking about you: yeah

21. Kissed anyone on your FB friends list: yeah…


22. how many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life: all but maybe a couple, like we’re talking single digits

24. do you have any pets: doge

25. do you want to change your name: yes? i like the idea of combining surnames when you’re married

26. what did you do for your last birthday: i bought myself a baked potato

27. what time did you wake up today: 9am-ish

28. what were you doing at midnight last night: driving

29. name something you CANNOT wait for: feeling real again

30. last time you saw your mother: tonight

31. what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: i wish i had picked up the steam cleaner

32. what are you listening to right now: space heater

33. have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Father haha

34. what’s getting on your nerves right now: my heart

35. most visited webpage: i’d assume facebook

36. there was no 36??????

37. nickname: anything that rhymes with my last name

38. relationship status: single

39. zodiac sign: aquarius

40. pronouns: what?

41. elementary: andersonville

42. high school: clarkston

43. college: art institute

44. hair color: dark blonde? sorta?

45. long or short: slightly long for a guy but not really. like messy long

46. height: 6’0”-6’3”, depending on my mood

47. do you have a crush on someone: usually

48. what do you like about yourself: uh. i don’t, but not from a self worth angle i just don’t actively reflect on myself that way

49. again no number 49

50. tatoos: possibly? i could be convinced

51. righty or lefty: righty

52. first surgery: had most of the insides of my ear replaced or something like that

53. first piercing: nope

54. first best friend: Chelsea Hemingsen

55. first sport you joined: soccer/fútbol

56. first vacation: gramma and grandpa’s in florida

Right now:

59. eating: n/a

60. drinking: n/a

61. i’m about to: n/a

62. listening to: n/a

63. waiting for: definitely n/a

64. want kids: a family is my biggest dream

65. get married: see above

66. career: not the most important thing to me but I want to support my hypothetically possible future family somehow. so, you know.

Which is better:

67. lips or eyes: eyes eyes eyes

68. hugs or kisses: i find incredible comfort and relaxation in non-platonic hugs (i assume that’s what this is asking specifically)

69. shorter or taller: i think i’d have to draw the line at my own height so i guess shorter

70. older or younger: eh

71. romantic or spontaneous: romance is subjective. gimme both

72. nice stomach or nice arms: eh

73. sensitive or loud: sensitive

74. hook up or relationship: just relationships

75. trouble maker or hesitant: eh??

76. kissed a stranger: knowing me prolly

77. drank hard liquor: ha.

78. lost glasses/contacts: on ocassion

79. sex on first date: mmmmno

80. broken someone’s heart: yeah..

81. had your heart broken: oya

82. been arrested: not yet

83. turned someone down: yyeeaahh….

84. cried when someone died: when most people die

85. fallen for a friend: ugh HI MY NAMES JEFF GREAT MEETING YOU

Do you believe in:

86. yourself: lulz

87. miracles: every aspect of humanity is a miracle. stardust turned into billions and billions of people each with infinite mindspaces. billions and billions of individual infinities. miracles son

88. love at first sight: nooooooo

89. heaven: as a place we end up? no

90. santa claus: he gets my nephews so behave and i can’t so hell he’s more real than i am

91. kiss on the first date: i see no problem with that

92. angels: winged servants of God, not really

ummmmm i guess w0rdplay and icet0wn could do this if they want i think most other mutuals i talk to had been tagged by someone else


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"why did she win the nobel peace prize???"

"she didn’t do anything to deserve the nobel peace prize"

fuck anybody who wasn’t overjoyed when she won, this girl is providing a voice for uneducated and oppressed young people across the world whilst still advocating and campaigning for peace and anti-violence. after she was shot in the head.

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thanks nintendo



thanks nintendo


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